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Swift Question

AlamofireImage Collection cell puts image in AutoPurgingImageCache after download

I have a custom

that gets an image with AlamofireImage (2.4). It downloads OK, but it doesn't seem to be putting in the cache.

I have a swift file with my global cache.

import Foundation
import Alamofire
import AlamofireImage

// AlamofireImage cache with 30 MB cache
let imageCache = AutoPurgingImageCache(
memoryCapacity: 30 * 1024 * 1024,
preferredMemoryUsageAfterPurge: 20 * 1024 * 1024

The collection cell looks like this. It downloads the image with
and in the callback puts this image in the global cache after it sets it on the cell.

import UIKit
import Alamofire
import AlamofireImage

class MyCatCell: UICollectionViewCell {

@IBOutlet weak var fancyImage: UIImageView!

var imageURL: String?

func configureCell(uri: String?) {
imageURL = uri

func resetCell() {
fancyImage.image = nil

func loadImage() {
guard imageURL != nil else {
if let image = imageCache.imageWithIdentifier(imageURL!) {
// set image from cache
print("image from cache")
fancyImage.image = image
} else {
// get image and cache it
let url = NSURL(string: imageURL!)!
placeholderImage: nil,
filter: nil,
imageTransition: .CrossDissolve(0.5),
completion: { response in
if response.result.isSuccess {
print("response.result.isSuccess \(self.imageURL!)")
// store this in the image cache
imageCache.addImage(response.result.value!, withIdentifier: self.imageURL!)

The images sets in the cell, the
print("response.result.isSuccess \(self.imageURL!)")
fires (so the call back is running), but the
print("image from cache")
never fires.
is always
. It just downloads the image again when I load this cell again using the same URL. Any idea why this isn't working?

Answer Source

I found that I only needed to make the size of the cache larger. The images I was downloading were bigger than I predicted, and the cache was filling up far too quickly, then purging.

// AlamofireImage cache with 60 MB cache
let imageCache = AutoPurgingImageCache(
    memoryCapacity: 60 * 1024 * 1024,
    preferredMemoryUsageAfterPurge: 20 * 1024 * 1024

You can see your cache filling up if you periodically use imageCache.memoryUsage.

Print('Image cache size = \(imageCache.memoryUsage)')
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