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R Question

removing parenthesis in R

I am trying to remove parentheses from a string value in this case this one:

(40.703707008, -73.943257966)

I can't seem to find a post with code that works; I know that this is a very simple task, but I've seen the following links but they either kill all my punctuation or don't seem to work. Below is the codes I've tried. Appreciate the help:

remove parenthesis from string

Remove parentheses and text within from strings in R

x = ("(40.703707008, -73.943257966)")
gsub("\\D", "", x)
gsub("log\\(", "", x)

Answer Source

These are metacharacters that either needs to be escaped (with \\) or we can place it in a square bracket to read it as character.

gsub("[()]", "", x)
#[1] "40.703707008, -73.943257966"
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