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HTML Question

SEO title vs alt vs text

Does the title attribute in a link do the job of the real text in the link for SEO?

<a href="..." title="Web Design">Web Design</a>

is it the same as:

<a href="..." title="Web Design">click here</a>

when trying to get a good page rank for keywords like "web design"? is it like alt attribute in an image tag? or is it useless in SEO?

is it the same as:

<a href="..." alt="Web Design">click here</a>

what's the difference between all the above?

Thank you in advance!

Answer Source

Alt is not a valid attribute for <a> elements.

  • Use alt to describe images
  • Use title to describe where the link is going.
  • The textvalue (click here) is the most important part The title attribute gets more and more ignored. Google looks far more on the link text than the title attribute. For google the title tag is like a meta tag which is not important compared to content.
  • Image alt tags are however still very important (especially for image search)
  • The main feature of those tags is to provide usability for your users, not to feed informatino to search engines.
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