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How to read and write files with Flask with Ubuntu and apache server

I am trying to deploy an app that writes and reads png images with Flask. Locally I can run my script with no errors, except when I run it on my server.

I deployed using this guide on DigitalOcean. It uses apache, wsgi and virtualenv.

This an example of my code:

from flask import Flask
from flask import send_file
from PIL import Image

app = Flask(__name__)

def hello():
img ='RGB', (200, 100), (255, 255, 255))'output.png')
return send_file('output.png', mimetype='image/png')

if __name__ == "__main__":

I found out that what is causing the problem is'output.png')
I found also that if I try to load a font like:
font = ImageFont.truetype("Archive.otf", 60)
it doesn't work neither. My .png and .otf files are in the same folder as

I guess I am messing up with the configuration or the directrory paths of apache. If I run
outside the flask enviroment it works, so it is not a problem with libraries or dependencies.

Answer Source

You need to use an absolute path, like /var/www/somedir/somefile. This is because Flask under Apache does not give Python a usable working directory. I would suggest making the path configurable.

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