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Pushkit voip push notifications are not being received on iOS8.0.2

I implemented new pushkit voip push notifications and until now it has been working properly in all iOS8 devices I tested except one.
I ve got an iPhone iOS 8.0.2 which is not receiving any voip push.
It registers correctly as I get the pushRegistry:didUpdatePushCredentials: forType: delegate called
I tested previous remote pushes (registerForRemoteNotifications) with success but none of sent voip push are received.

So my questions are:

*Anyone has experienced same behavior for pushkit voip push notifications?

*Could it be something related with iOS version (iOS 8.0.2)?

*Could anyone having this version (iOS 8.0.2), implementpushkit voip push and try to receive a voip push notification in order to discard version problem?

If you need to implement pushkit voip push notifications you can check my answer on stackoverflow question

Answer Source

It only works on iOS8. With this SDK only works on iOS 8.1 (as of writing this it's beta 1). The reason for this is that in 8.0 the compiler linked is a dynlib and is not able to locate push kit framework for 32bits when running on 64bit hardware. But for now you need to compile for armv7 and armv7s.

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