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jQuery Question

Checking if a value from window.getSelection matches a string

I am working on a text editor but want to do an action when someone starts to type inside a paragraph tag that contains an image or has a certain class.


sel = window.getSelection();
var p = sel.baseNode.parentNode;

I can console.log p and see as an example:

<p>this is a paragraph</p>

However, when ever I try to check the 'p' var against anything in a if statement it doesn't match. Niether does indexOf as it says indexOf is not a function of p.

Any help?

Specifically, looking to check if the p var string contains class="has-image"

Answer Source

Sorry I deleted my last Answer, because I misunderstood your problem. This is the solution:

You are looking for the sel.baseNode.parentNode.nodeName

And to check the class: sel.baseNode.parentNode.className

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