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How to view WSDL on a JAX-WS web service running under Glassfish?

How can I view the WSDL of my JAX-WS web service if I'm running it under Glassfish? I know I can generate the WSDL file using wsgen, but I'm want to know if I can have a runtime WSDL on Glassfish?

I've tried running my web service on Tomcat and I was able to get a runtime WSDL by accessing the URL pattern I specified on web.xml. However, since I don't have a web.xml on my JAX-WS web service on Glassfish, I'm not sure how I'm going to access my WSDL.

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As long as you know the endpoint URL of your web service you should be able to view the runtime WSDL by appending ?wsdl to the end of the URL.

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