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C# Question

Creating a Utilities Class?

I'm very new to OOP and am trying my hardest to keep things strictly class based, while using good coding principles.

I'm a fair ways into my project now and I have a lot of general use methods I want to put into an utilities class. Is there a best way to create a utilities class?

public class Utilities
int test;

public Utilities()

public int sum(int number1, int number2)
test = number1 + number2;
return test;

After creating this Utilities class, do I just create an Utilities object, and run the methods of my choosing? Do I have this Utilities class idea correct?

Answer Source

You should make it a static class, like this:

public static class Utilities {
    public static int Sum(int number1, int number2) {
        return number1 + number2;

int three = Utilities.Sum(1, 2);

The class should (usually) not have any fields or properties. (Unless you want to share a single instance of some object across your code, in which case you can make a static read-only property.

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