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Javascript Jquery - Change table cell colors upon checkbox click

I am creating a crossing matrix where I would cross entries; like male and female. I did this using a dynamically generated table where each cell pertains to a cross of a female.

Looks like this :

Female/Male | Male1 | Male2 |
Female1 | x | x |
Female2 | x | x |

Above is a table, each cell contains a checkbox to identify the cross.

Below is the code i used to generate the table using php:

echo "<tr>"; on
//set up the rows and headers
echo "<td ...><input type='checkbox'../></td>
..and so on


I need to color the cell like green or red, upon clicking the checkbox that is in it. How do I do this in Jquery/Javascript? and also, how do I ID each cell, and know the value (cross) it pertains to? If it is dynamic- the number of males and females are indefinite and changing so that the number of cells and checkboxes are also indefinite?

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This assumes you want to do green when checked, red when not. You didn't exactly tell us which.

Find the parent of the checkbox. I do this with parents() always because if an element gets added to the stack later on, your code gets screwed up and you don't know why.

<td ...><input type='checkbox' 
         onclick="$(this).parents('td').css('background-color', $(this).is(':checked') ? 'green' : 'red');" />

Add in escaped quotes where necessary to get this to work with php's echo command.

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