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Java Question

How can I write an automated code to copy the table from this website?

I would like to copy the table from this website =

everytime I open my jar file and paste it into a csv file. I already know how to download a csv file from websites that provide a download button for it. But now I need to copy it from this URL, which doesn't provide a download button. Please help?!

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The problems with HTML tables is that they often vary in their HTML-design and if you learn how to deal with this one, the next one may provide problems. JSoup can help you in general and with this problem specifically, but you will need to look at the source code of the site in question (your browser can you help do that, if in doubt use its help function to search for the functionality) to extract the information needed with JSoup.

EDIT: based on your comment, learn about HTML first before you automatically want to download tables. Your problem may be a bit too advanced if you just started out. I also doubt you will find tutors on this site, that's not what it is for.

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