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Javascript Question

toFixed method without rounding to five digit

I have a number

var x = 2.305185185185195;

x = x.toFixed(5);

x = 2.30519
but I require this without rounding i.e.

I read some thread with two decimal places but could not find for five decimal places.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

You can use an apropriate factor and floor it and return the result of the division.

Basically this solution moves the point to the left with a factor of 10^d and gets an integer of that and divided the value with the former factor to get the right digits.

function getFlooredFixed(v, d) {
    return (Math.floor(v * Math.pow(10, d)) / Math.pow(10, d)).toFixed(d);

var x = 2.305185185185195;

document.write(getFlooredFixed(x, 5));

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