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Linux Question

What is /snap/bin directory in $PATH? Can I remove it from $PATH?

I am working with environment value, $PATH. And I found that $PATH includes /snap/bin directory which does not exist. What does the path work? Can I remove it from $PATH or should I leave it?
Please give me your suggestion. Thank you very much?

Answer Source

It is a new-new Canonical thing to bundle and distribute applications. See for example this developer link by Canonical.

Personally, I also find it somewhat odd that they went into the top-level via /snap but Oh well.

I may yet come to use it one. So far plain docker serves me well, besides of course building .deb package the old-fashioned way.

As for removing the PATH entry: it only saves you a few bytes, plus nanoseconds in lookups and may break a future deployment involving snaps. Your box, your call. I left mine.

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