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PHP - print all properties of an object

I have an unknown object in php page.

How can I print/echo it, so I can see what properties/values do it have?

What about functions? Is there any way to know what functions an object have?

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<?php var_dump(obj) ?>


<?php print_r(obj) ?>

These are the same things you use for arrays too.

These will show protected and private properties of objects with PHP 5. Static class members will not be shown according to the manual.

If you want to know the member methods you can use get_class_methods():

$class_methods = get_class_methods('myclass');
// or
$class_methods = get_class_methods(new myclass());
foreach ($class_methods as $method_name) 
    echo "$method_name<br/>";

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get_class() <-- for the name of the instance

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