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Java Question

Execute a JAR file in a specific JRE

I have been looking at this question and although it shows how you can execute a

in Windows, it does not show how this can be done in Linux (preferably CentOS). How can I execute the
file I made in Linux?

Here is what I have on the command line:

[support@turndownForWhat project]$ ls
DICOMFLOW.jar jre1.7.0_60

UPDATE: I have tried this:

[support@turndownForWhat project]$ sudo jre1.7.0_60/bin/java -jar DICOMFLOW.jar
[sudo] password for support:
sudo: jre1.7.0_60/bin/java: command not found

I ran:

[root@turndownForWhat project]# ls -l jre1.7.0_60/bin/java
-rw-rw-r-- 1 support support 5718 Apr 17 2014 jre1.7.0_60/bin/java

Answer Source

Based on your reported output, the java command is not executable. This is likely an issue with the copying or uncompressing of the JRE directory.

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