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AngularJS Question

Infinite $digest Loop with sortby

I have very simple form:

<label><input type="radio" name="sortby" value="created" checked ng-model="sortby"> By creation date</label>
<label><input type="radio" name="sortby" value="text" ng-model="sortby"> By text</label>

<div ng-repeat="todo in TodoList.getTodos() | orderBy: sortby">
<h1>{{ todo.text }}</h1>

But this produces
Error: $rootScope:infdig. Infinite $digest Loop
when switch sorting. How to make this switch working?

Answer Source

it seems like your TodoList.getTodos() function generates a new array every time it is called, this common mistake is explained at$rootScope/infdig. The solution is to keep your todoList in a variable, which should be updated only when the list is changed, and TodoList.getTodos() function just returns this variable:

// should be updated only when the list is changed 
var todoList= [ YOUR TODO LIST ];

TodoList.getTodos = function() {
  return todoList;
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