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PHP Question

Is it possible to pass two parameters via href?

I need to send two kinds of information from view to controller.

this is how my href looks like:

<a href="editBenefit/1}" class="btn blue">Modificar</a>

This is sending to my php function the parameter "1", but let's say I have to send another parameter in that function... something like:

<a href="editBenefit/1/2}" class="btn blue">Modificar</a>

And my php function looks like:

function editBenefit($id, $option = '')

because parameter "2" won't always be sended. Like this, it's not working and I would like to know if this is possible or not in order to move on.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it's possible to send two parameters like: editBenefit/1/2 like @JohnConde said.

I was just having some lame mistake from the wrong template to the right function.

Answer Source

editBenefit/1/2 is a valid URI so that should work. If it doesn't then it is a coding issue on the receiving end.

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