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Android Question

skype 4 android, call intent

I am using an Intent to call a skype contact from my android application, here is the code:

Intent skypeIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
skypeIntent.setData(Uri.parse("skype:" + contactUserName));
skypeIntent.setComponent(new ComponentName("", ""));

The thing is this code is not working since the last update of skype (to the version, on a nexus S). Now it only drives me to the "recent actions" tab. Does anyone have the same problem? Does this problem come from my code ?

Answer Source

Well, After a few researches and a look at the syntax of the skype uri ( ), I realized a part of the link was missing in my code.

So the data to send is now:

skypeIntent.setData(Uri.parse("skype:" + contactUserName + "?call"));
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