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AngularJS : Prevent error $digest already in progress when calling $scope.$apply()

I'm finding that I need to update the my page to my scope manually more and more since building an application in angular.

The only way I know of to do this is to call

from the scope of my controllers and directives. The problem with this is that it keeps throwing an error to the console that reads :

Error: $digest already in progress

Does anyone know how to avoid this error or achieve the same thing but a different way?

Lee Lee
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Don't use this pattern - This will end up causing more errors than it solves. Even though you think it fixed something, it didn't.

You can check if a $digest is already in progress by checking $scope.$$phase.

if(!$scope.$$phase) {
  //$digest or $apply

$scope.$$phase will return "$digest" or "$apply" if a $digest or $apply is in progress. I believe the difference between these states is that $digest will process the watches of the current scope and it's children, and $apply will process the watchers of all scopes.

To @dnc253's point, if you find yourself calling $digest or $apply frequently, you may be doing it wrong. I generally find I need to digest when I need to update the scope's state as a result of a DOM event firing outside the reach of Angular. For example, when a twitter bootstrap modal becomes hidden. Sometimes the DOM event fires when a $digest is in progress, sometimes not. That's why I use this check.

I would love to know a better way if anyone knows one.

From comments: by @anddoutoi

angular.js Anti Patterns

  1. Don't do if (!$scope.$$phase) $scope.$apply(), it means your $scope.$apply() isn't high enough in the call stack.
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