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Change constant value

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using namespace std;

int main()
const int a = 5;
const int *ptr1 = &a;
int *ptr = (int *)ptr1;
*ptr = 10;
cout<<ptr<<" = "<<*ptr<<endl;
cout<<ptr1<<" = "<<*ptr1<<endl;
cout<<&a<<" = "<<a;
return 0;


0x7ffe13455fb4 = 10
0x7ffe13455fb4 = 10
0x7ffe13455fb4 = 5

How is this possible?

Answer Source

It is certainly undefined behavior, but I am strong proponent of understanding symptoms of undefined behavior for the benefit of spotting one. The results observed can be explained in following manner:

const int a = 5

defined integer constant. Compiler now assumes that value will never be modified for the duration of the whole function, so when it sees

cout<<&a<<" = "<<a;

it doesn't generate the code to reload the current value of a, instead it just uses the number it was initialized with - it is much faster, than loading from memory.

This is a very common optimization technique - when a certain condition can only happen when the program exhibits undefined behavior, optimizers assume that condition never happens.

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