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Default behavior of th table tags

On large screens my table TH is on top but when I run it on mobile devices those THs goes to the left side. Is that the default behavior of TH of tables? I'm using Matrialize css class of 'responsive-table'.

<table class="responsive-table">
<th data-field="id">Name</th>
<th data-field="name">Item Name</th>
<th data-field="price">Item Price</th>


Answer Source

Yes, that is the default behavior when you add a class of responsive-table. The documentation states:

Add class="responsive-table" to the table tag to make the table horizontally scrollable on smaller screen widths.

Get into the habit of checking documentation! I've never used materialize but I found the answer very quickly by searching their website.

Source: Tables in materialize.css

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