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Javascript Question

How to calculate runtime speed in standalone javascript program?

I am doing some JavaScript exercise and thinking about ways to improve my solution(algorithm) to the exercise. I am thinking of calculating runtime speed after tweaking the code so I will know how much the speed is improved. I searched and found this method and think I can do the same. Here is what I did,

var d = new Date();
var startTime = d.getTime();
var endTime;

function testTargeAlgorithm(){


endTime = d.getTime();

It's a very simple algorithm so I don't expect there will be notable difference between the time. But if millisecond cannot measure the speed improvement, what else can I do?

Answer Source

You can use if the engine supports it. This gives a time in milliseconds, with sub-millisecond precision, since the page loaded or app started. // 26742.766999999956

I know Chrome supports it, but not sure about other browsers, node.js, or other engines standalone js engines.

Or you can run your code many times in a loop, and measure the total time taken.

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