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python PIL draw multiline text on image

I try to add text at the bottom of image and actually I've done it, but in case of my text is longer then image width it is cut from both sides, to simplify I would like text to be in multiple lines if it is longer than image width. Here is my code:

FOREGROUND = (255, 255, 255)
WIDTH = 375
TEXT = 'Chyba najwyższy czas zadać to pytanie na śniadanie \n Chyba najwyższy czas zadać to pytanie na śniadanie'
font_path = '/Library/Fonts/Arial.ttf'
font = ImageFont.truetype(font_path, 14, encoding='unic')
text = TEXT.decode('utf-8')
(width, height) = font.getsize(text)

x ='media/converty/image.png')
y = ImageOps.expand(x,border=2,fill='white')
y = ImageOps.expand(y,border=30,fill='black')

w, h = y.size
bg ='RGBA', (w, 1000), "#000000")

W, H = bg.size
xo, yo = (W-w)/2, (H-h)/2
bg.paste(y, (xo, 0, xo+w, h))
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(bg)
draw.text(((w - width)/2, w), text, font=font, fill=FOREGROUND)'media/converty/test.png')

Answer Source

You could use textwrap.wrap to break text into a list of strings, each at most width characters long:

import textwrap
lines = textwrap.wrap(text, width=40)
y_text = h
for line in lines:
    width, height = font.getsize(line)
    draw.text(((w - width) / 2, y_text), line, font=font, fill=FOREGROUND)
    y_text += height
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