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SQL Question

SQL Populate table with random data

I have a table with two fields:

  1. id(uuid) that is primaryKey and

  2. description (var255)

I want to insert random data with sql sentance.
I would like that description would be something random.

Can some1 please help me with this?

PS: im using postgresql.


I dont know exactly if this fits the requirement for a "random description", and it's not clear if you want to generate the full data: but, for example, this generates 10 records with consecutive ids and random texts:

  test=#  SELECT generate_series(1,10) AS id, md5(random()::text) AS descr;

     id |               descr
      1 | 65c141ee1fdeb269d2e393cb1d3e1c09
      2 | 269638b9061149e9228d1b2718cb035e
      3 | 020bce01ba6a6623702c4da1bc6d556e
      4 | 18fad4813efe3dcdb388d7d8c4b6d3b4
      5 | a7859b3bcf7ff11f921ceef58dc1e5b5
      6 | 63691d4a20f7f23843503349c32aa08c
      7 | ca317278d40f2f3ac81224f6996d1c57
      8 | bb4a284e1c53775a02ebd6ec91bbb847
      9 | b444b5ea7966cd76174a618ec0bb9901
     10 | 800495c53976f60641fb4d486be61dc6
    (10 rows)