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Calling OS settings from C#

For my program, I would like to click a button and have the user be able to access certain settings of their computer.

I have no idea about how to access the OS at all. Other questions assume that the readers have a basic understanding of this . I have none and need someone to give me a link or a full explanation on how to do this and why there answer works.

So if they select Date Settings Buttons I will like the following Window to show:enter image description here

I have no idea how to get certain settings to show. Any help would be welcomed

Answer Source

How to open various Settings pages directly in Windows 10 describes the commands to open settings with the run console.

Battery Saver --> ms-settings:batterysaver

Battery Saver Settings --> ms-settings:batterysaver-settings


Use such a command with the Process.Start-Method and open the required settings. For example the Windows update settings will open with


or the requested date settings with

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