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MySQL Question

Non-GPL ADO.NET provider for MySQL?

Is there any NON-GPL ADO.NET provider for MySQL ?

There is the official one from here

but unfortunately, it's under the GPL, not the LGPL.

I am developing an abstract class for database access.

I don't care whether the abstraction layer is going to be GPL,

but if it uses MySQL (I mean the MySQL ADO.NET provider, not the MySQL database itselfs) it will be GPL, and thus, any application that uses that layer, which is something I don't want...

Oh, and I know about nHibernate/Subsonic/otherORMs, but it doesn't fit my needs.

ADO.NET provider short of using ODBC of course.


Note that by "abstract class for database access", I don't mean write my own universal ADO.NET provider.
I mean writing a wrapper class around a set of already existing ADO.NET providers.

Answer Source

I got the perfect answer:

One can use System.Data.Odbc to get around it.
You can always say, it's generic ODBC, has nothing in particular to do with MySQL, easily replacable.
And whatever you put in the connection string is the problem of your customers.
If the SQL that you send over the ODBC connection works in MySQL/MariaDB only, that's regrettable - but no legal problem ;)

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