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How to print out elements of a class

I just got started with python, now I need to print out the names of elements/objects/instances of a class, this is my code:

class Delicious :
sweet = 0
sour = 0

apple = Delicious()
kiwi = Delicious()
litchi = Delicious()

bracket = [apple, kiwi, lichi]


I ran it in the terminal, it prints out:
[<main.Delicious object at 0x1019d9940>, <main.Delicious object at 0x1019d9978>, <main.Delicious object at 0x1019d99b0>]
how do I make it print

The other answers are too hard for me, can somebody answer it simply?

Jim Jim
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The way to get this to work is by grabbing the instances name from globals() and returning it from __str__:

class Delicious : 
    sweet = 0
    sour = 0

    def __str__(self):
        for k, v in globals().items():
            if v == self:
                return k

    def __repr__(self):
        return str(self)

Now printing will return the name as you defined it:

apple = Delicious()


Printing a list that contains your objects will call their __repr__, so you can either also define __repr__ to return __str__s result, or call print(*bracket) to unpack the list in the print call which uses their __str__ function:

[apple, kiwi, lichi]  

apple, kiwi, lichi

But this make 0 practical sense, in Python names are just labels assigned to objects, by using print and printing the name you get no information about the underlying object.

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