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js/jquery coverflow effect

I try to archive a certain effect with js/jQuery: The Apple Mac OS X Coverflow Coverflow effect which you can choose within finder.
Can you point me to a gently & smooth working plugin? I love #roundabout for jquery but unfortunately they don't support that effect. I also tried some of the linked plugins of this post: Apple Cover-flow effect using jQuery or other library?
but they are all crappy and just do not work smooth in firefox (not to mention IE).


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This is a cross-browser implementation of Cover Flow:

The primary mode works in HTML5 (JavaScript/CSS) and it has a fallback for older browsers in flash. It supports mobile, you can flip through the covers with a simple swipe gesture.

It is hardware accelerated in the latest webkit browsers.

Tested on: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+, iPad, iPhone