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Confluence REST API Update a Page

This is my code to update a existing page. The Variables in the json aren't the problem, because I can create a page with this json without any problems.

string json = "{\"type\":\"page\",\"title\":\"" + "Tabelle " + table.Name + "\",\"space\":{\"key\":\"PROG\"},\"ancestors\":[{\"id\":120179837}],\"body\":{\"storage\":{\"value\":\"" + WARNING + table.BasisInfosHtmlString + table.TableStructurHtmlString + table.DependentTablesHtmlString + table.ReferencedInHtmlString + "\",\"representation\":\"storage\"}}}";
var content = new StringContent(json, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");
var response = Client.PutAsync(@"/rest/api/content", content);

If I run this, I get server error 405. Don't know why, because I can easiely create a page with this using the POST Method.

I'm NOT hosting the API IIS myself.

Answer Source

You need to put the content id in the URL to update an existing page: PUT /rest/api/content/{contentId}.

var response = Client.PutAsync(@"/rest/api/content/{contentId}", content);

Ref.: https://docs.atlassian.com/confluence/REST/latest/#content-update

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