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Angular - Add option to select using Jquery

I have a directive that adds new options to a select.

For that i'm using:

let opt: any = angular.element(
'<option value="' + opcion.valor + '">' + opcion.texto + '</option>'

I don't want to use templates because I don't want a new scope.

The options get added to the list on the view. But when I select some of them, the ng-model of the select doesn't get updated. It gets value null.

How can I make angular to refresh with the new option values?

Here is a codepen example:
Choosing Option X doesn't get reflected on model.

The strange thing is that if i link to angular 1.5.9, it works, but starting with angular 1.6.0 it doesn't.

Answer Source

In latest angularJS Select value (read from DOM) is validated

Better to use select's in standard way,

BTW - If you really need this, remove validation by decorating selectDirective as follows


myApp.decorator('selectDirective', function($delegate) {
    let originalCtrl = $delegate[0].controller.pop();
    $delegate[0].controller.push(function() {
      originalCtrl.apply(this, arguments);
      this.hasOption = function() { 
        return true; 
    return $delegate;
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