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How to update state with Relay QueryRenderer props

I have a react component with a form for updating database records.
Here's the thing: the data is loaded with React-Relay QueryRenderer component as follows:

class Update extends Component {
//some stuff
render() {
render={({error, props}) => {
return (
<Form loading={this.state.loading}>

The props variable is supposed to store the result from server response if successful. However, I need to call the update with this.state values.
I need a way to setState with props values.

I have tried with componentDidMount and using refs both string refs and callback ones to get defaultValue from Inputs. I got undefined values when calling this.refs

For now, it works if I call a function within QueryRenderer render function that sets the state with props if state is empty. E.g

function initValues(props){

But it results in an anti-pattern (pure render method) that I need to solve.

For anyone wondering how I solved this. Thanks to charlie's answer I managed to create a UpdateForm component wrapper that receives the props from QueryRenderer, and in order to update my parent's component state I passed my handleChange function as props to my FormUpdate component

Answer Source

Use componentWillReceiveProps in your Form component

class Form extends React.Component {


    componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps) {
        if (nextProps.loading) return


This will only set the state once as soon as the data is available, since QueryRenderer only calls render once after the data has loaded.

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