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Issue with CocoaPods 0.37.2 and KissXML 5.0

XCode 6.3.2
CocoaPods 0.37.2
KissXML 5.0

I'm having a difficult time getting KissXML to compile as a pod after updating from CocoaPods 0.35.0.

I get a ton of errors like this:

Error:(2, 9) 'libxml/tree.h' file not found with include; use "quotes" instead

I have both a Mac and iOS project that share code, and they both fail in the same way. If I reinstall 0.35.0, they build just fine.

I should mention that I do a have a subclass of DDXMLDocument defined in my application as well as a category on DDXMLElement.

I've tried to create a smaller project that demonstrates the issue, but haven't been able to create one that fails in the same way, so it must be something unique to my project.

Anyone have any ideas where to look?


source ''
platform :ios, "7.1"
pod 'BButton'
pod 'CocoaAsyncSocket'
pod 'CocoaLumberjack'
pod 'CSNotificationView'
pod 'Dropbox-iOS-SDK'
pod 'HockeySDK'
pod 'KissXML'
pod 'MBProgressHUD'
pod 'MMMarkdown'
pod 'Reachability'
pod 'Reveal-iOS-SDK', :configurations => ['Debug']
pod 'SWRevealViewController'
pod 'UIDevice-Hardware'

Answer Source

None of the answers were correct or needed, but thanks for the responses.

Turns out the issue was a recursive reference to the Pods folder had been added to either the project or target USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS.

I thought maybe this was an artifact from an older version of CocoaPods...until AppCode almost immediately prompted me to re-add it.

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