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Styling a 'title' attribute with CSS or possible alternatives?

I've made a small image gallery with 'Image Thumbnail Viewer 2' Link here

script allows title attribute below image that is expanded. Everything works fine but I cannot find a way to style the text in the title attribute.

All i want to do is change some basic features i.e. font-family, font-size, margin etc. nothing fancy.

<a href="img/test%20images/IMG305eng.jpg"
title="&lt;em&gt;Hello World&lt;/em&gt; - 2014 - 20x30x5cm">
<img src="img/test%20images/IMG305eng.jpg">

above is an example of one image thumbnail

Each image will will need a different caption underneath it. not sure if its worth using the title attribute or just doing it another way entirely.

Thanks - second post on stack-overflow so let me know if i'm doing anything wrong.

Answer Source

You need to target the markup (HTML) that the plugin generates as @Aziz has pointed out.

Your text (when hovering an image) is contained in an element with the ID of #loadedarea.

#loadedarea {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: red;
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