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Vue change width and content

I am using vuejs and depending on whether the user is logged in, I need to adjust the size and content of two divs inside my topbar.
So if they aren't logged in it should be like this:

<div id='search' width="400px"></div><div id="login" width="200px"><img></div>

And when they're logged in it should be like this:

<div id='search' width="200px"></div><div id="login" width="400px"><div id='somecontent></div><div id='morecontent'></div></div>

I know i can achieve this by hardcoding both of them entirely and then using v-if statements but I was wondering if there was a better way.

Answer Source
<div id='search' :style="{width: loggedIn?'200px':'400px'}"></div>
<div id="login" :style="{width: loggedIn?'400px':'200px'}">
  <div id='somecontent' v-if="loggedIn"></div>
  <div id='morecontent' v-if="loggedIn"></div>
  <img v-if="!loggedIn">

You can bind style in vuejs by using v-bind

new Vue({
  data: {
    loggedIn: false


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