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Cheapest Java code signing certificate? (not self-signed)

Where can I get an inexpensive Java code signing certificate?

Everywhere I look they want USD200 to USD300 per year! Unfortunately I cannot use a self-signed one as I'm trying to get rid of the scary warnings so that users will be more likely to accept my application. And as far as I know (per Stack Overflow question Are Java code signing certificates the same as SSL certificates?), it has to be a code signing certificate, it cannot be an SSL certificate.

Answer Source

What about startssl? They offer code signing certificates for 49.90$ for 2 years (with wild card capabilities). I haven't tried using it, so no guarantees, but it looks good.

UPDATE: StartSSL is no longer a valid option, even given the previous limitations. Google, Mozilla and Applestopped trusting them. So I would encourage everyone their use, given this development. Giving the current state of affairs, this should NOT be the accepted answer anymore. Sorry!

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