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getting the row and column numbers from coordinate value in openpyxl

I'm trying to covert a coordinate value in excel to a row number and column number in openpyxl.

For example if my cell coordinate is D4 I want to find the corresponding row and column numbers to use for future operations, in the case row = 3, column = 3. I can get the row number easily using

which returns
then it's just a matter of subtracting 1. But a similar argument
and I don't know how to easily get this into int form for subsequent operations. So I turn to you wise folks of stackoverflow. Can you help me?

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What you want is openpyxl.utils.coordinate_from_string() and openpyxl.utils.column_index_from_string()

from openpyxl.utils import coordinate_from_string, column_index_from_string
xy = coordinate_from_string('A4') # returns ('A',4)
col = column_index_from_string(xy[0]) # returns 1
row = xy[1]