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C# Question

Find a file within all possible folders?

I was wondering how I could use c# to find a specific file (example cheese.exe) within all possible directories? And then store the path to the directory it found it in?

Answer Source

This code fragment retrieves a list of all logical drives on the machine and then searches all folders on the drive for files that match the filename "Cheese.exe". Once the loop has completed, the List "files" contains the

     var files = new List<string>();
     //@Stan R. suggested an improvement to handle floppy drives...
     //foreach (DriveInfo d in DriveInfo.GetDrives())
     foreach (DriveInfo d in DriveInfo.GetDrives().Where(x => x.IsReady == true))
        files.AddRange(Directory.GetFiles(d.RootDirectory.FullName, "Cheese.exe", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
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