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Android Question

How to convert Date in Android

I want show date into my application, and i receive this data from server with below json :

"date": "2016-08-01 19:55:16"

and i set into
with below code :

((DataViewHolder) holder).main_dateTime.setText(Html.fromHtml(mDateSet.get(position).getDate()));

I want convert this date to jalali/shamsi . but i don't know how to convert this date and set into

Can you help me for this issue?

Answer Source

Use this to get the Jalali date

first get the year, month and day from your date like

String date = "2016-08-01 19:55:16";

String[] parts = date.split(" ");
String datePart = parts[0];
String timePart = parts[1];

int year;
int month;
int day;

String[] dateParts = datePart.split("-");
year = Integer.parseInt( dateParts[0]);
month = Integer.parseInt( dateParts[1]);
day = Integer.parseInt( dateParts[2]);

then create the Object to pass to that library

JalaliCalendar.YearMonthDate  georgianDate = new JalaliCalendar.YearMonthDate(year,month,day);

and then call its method that convert from Georgian date to Jalali Date

 JalaliCalendar.YearMonthDate JalaliDate = JalaliCalendar.gregorianToJalali(georgianDate);

And Finally append the date with time to show in text view

String jalaliDateTime =  JalaliDate.toString() + " " + timePart;
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