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R Shiny selectedInput inside renderDataTable cells

I search for solution to put selectedInputs in renderDataTable cells. I found js solutions: , however I do not know how to implement this solution in shinyjs as renderDataTable object. I would be grateful for hints / ideas / solutions how to implement editable renderDataTable in shiny.

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Very similar to this: adding a column with TRUE/FALSE and showing that as a checkbox

  ui = basicPage(
    h2('The mtcars data'),

  server = function(input, output) {
    # helper function for making checkbox
    shinyInput = function(FUN, len, id, ...) { 
      inputs = character(len) 
      for (i in seq_len(len)) { 
        inputs[i] = as.character(FUN(paste0(id, i), label = NULL, ...)) 
    # datatable with checkbox
    output$mytable = DT::renderDataTable({
                                            choices=1:5, width="60px"))
    }, selection='none',server = FALSE, escape = FALSE, options = list( 
      preDrawCallback = JS('function() { 
Shiny.unbindAll(this.api().table().node()); }'), 
      drawCallback = JS('function() { 
Shiny.bindAll(this.api().table().node()); } ') 
    ) )
    # helper function for reading checkbox
    shinyValue = function(id, len) { 
      unlist(lapply(seq_len(len), function(i) { 
        value = input[[paste0(id, i)]] 
        if (is.null(value)) NA else value 
    # output read checkboxes
    output$checked <- renderTable({

Note that if you rerender the table, the inputs won't work unless you add some extra code to unbind.


Let's say the data in the table is reactive so it changes, and the table rerenders. You will need to explicitely unbind as per @yihui here:!msg/shiny-discuss/ZUMBGGl1sss/zfcG9c6MBAAJ

So you need to add in the UI:

tags$script(HTML("Shiny.addCustomMessageHandler('unbind-DT', function(id) {

And then in the Server you trigger the function whenever you rerender the datatable with:

session$sendCustomMessage('unbind-DT', 'mytable')

The colnames parameter is a vector of column names so when you specify a length one vector of FALSE it gives you a table with one column named FALSE. I am not sure of a straightforward way of removing column names from datatables. That would be a good SO question on its own.

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