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How to upload an Android file to S3 bucket with public permission

I keep trying to upload a file to an s3 bucket. But the file is never public for viewing. I have to manually make the files/folder in the bucket public (for every upload) for it to be view able.

Is there a way to upload an Android file (bitmap) with the default permission to be public for viewing during. I would prefer to do this programmatically, if possible. I've checked the s3 docs, couldn't find anything helpful.

Answer Source

To make all objects in your bucket public by default, view the answers to this question or this question.

To specify public access for each file when you are uploading them via Android, set the ACL on the PutObjectRequest like this:

PutObjectRequest putObjectRequest = new PutObjectRequest()

It doesn't look like you can set the ACL in one step with TransferUtility at this time: https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-android/issues/63

So after uploading the file via TransferUtility you would need to do the following:

s3client.setObjectAcl(bucketName, keyName, CannedAccessControlList.PublicRead);
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