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How can I get a git submodule's associated commit ID from a past commit in the parent clone?

Is there a way, short of actually checking out the parent commit, to determine a submodule's SHA-1 commit ID based on a commit ID in the parent clone? I know I can find the currently associated SHA-1 with 'git submodule'.

Here's an example: I have a clone with a single submodule 'foo' that has changed several times in the last month. I have a tag in the parent clone that is a few weeks old called 'released-1.2.3'. I want to find out what the associated SHA-1 of 'foo' was for this tagged commit. I could simply check out 'released-1.2.3' and use git-submodule to see, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do this without affecting the working tree, as I want to script it.

I want to do this because I want to construct a script to do a 'diff' on all changes within a submodule between two commits within the parent repository - i.e. "tell me what files changed within the submodule 'foo' between these two commits in the parent."

Answer Source

You may use git-ls-tree to see what the SHA-1 id of a given path was during a given commit:

$ git ls-tree released-1.2.3 foo
160000 commit c0f065504bb0e8cfa2b107e975bb9dc5a34b0398  foo

(My first thought was git show released-1.2.3 foo, but that fails with "fatal: bad object".)

Since you are scripting the output, you will probably want to get just the SHA-1 id by itself, e.g.:

$ git ls-tree released-1.2.3 foo | awk '{print $3}'

Also: When writing scripts around git, try to stick to the plumbing commands.

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