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How can I check if jcombobox selection has not been selected?

comboGender.setModel(new javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "Male", "Female" }));
comboCivilStatus.setModel(new javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "Single", "Married", "Widow / Widower", "Divorced" }));

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "INVALID ADDRESS");
}else if(comboGender.getSelectedItem().toString().equals("")){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "SELECT A GENDER");
}else if(comboCivilStatus.getSelectedItem().toString().equals("")){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "SELECT A CIVIL STATUS");

*just a portion of my code *

hello stackoverflow. i am new here. and i am also a novice in java programming. i seem to be having a problem that i cannot figured out how solve.

i am trying to make if and else if statements to check whether my textfields and comboboxes are empty. and then trying to return a showMessageDialog telling me to input something. i already figured out how to do the textboxes. but the combobox i cannot seem to understand how to do the syntax. can anyone please help? thank you.

by the way i am using java netbeans.

Answer Source

You can use JComboBox#getSelectedIndex, which will return -1 if nothing is selected or JComboBox#getSelectedItem which will return null if nothing is selected.

}else if(comboGender.getSelectedIndex() == -1){

Take a look at How to Use Combo Boxes for more details

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