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Scala Breeze implicit CanMapValues

I am using the Breeze library for matrices operations in Scala. Everything looks good but it cannot find an implicit at compilation time:

could not find implicit value for parameter bf: breeze.linalg.support.CanMapValues[breeze.linalg.Matrix[Int],Int,Double,That]

The offending function is this:

import breeze.linalg._ // this is the only import
def writeMatrixToCsv(path: String, matrix: Matrix[Int]) = csvwrite(new File(path), matrix.mapValues(_.toDouble), separator = ',')

I am not sure how to proceed - I looked for a default CanMapValues in the Breeze code but couldn't find it. How can I solve this? Thanks!

Answer Source

To overcome that issue, you can add an implicit parameter of type CanMapValues to your writeMatrixToCsv function. Then it will compile. I can see that Matrix is a trait and it doesn't provide a general implicit CanMapValues, so you may have to provide one for concrete matrix , which you will be using.

def writeMatrixToCsv(path: String, matrix: Matrix[Int])(
  implicit bf:support.CanMapValues[Matrix[Int], Int, Double, Matrix[Double]]
) = csvwrite(
    new File(path),
    separator = ','

CanMapValues is located in support package object

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