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zoom a Highcharts chart programatically

In this JSFiddle demo I have 2 Highcharts line charts. When one of the charts is zoomed, the other chart should zoom in on the same area. The code that does this is

xAxis: {
events: {
afterSetExtremes: function (event) {
var index = document.getElementById('container2').dataset.highchartsChart;
var chartPartner = Highcharts.charts[index];
chartPartner.xAxis[0].setExtremes(event.min, event.max);

is the ID of the DOM element that the other chart is rendered to. This behaviour is almost working, but there are a couple of small problems:

  • After zooming-in, the gray shading area that is used to select the area to zoom doesn't disappear in Firefox (I haven't tested other browsers)

  • The "Reset Zoom" button doesn't appear in the other chart despite the fact that I call


Your problem is that you called setExtremes in an infinite loop, because you told the "afterSetExtremes" event to trigger another "afterSetExtremes" event. You can prevent that easily by having a state-variable.

That's why I introduced this:

var updating = false;

and changed the last part of the events to that:

if (!updating) {
    updating = true;
    chartPartner.xAxis[0].setExtremes(event.min, event.max);

JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/qq4wnyqo/1/

Edit: The original JSFiddle even produced a console error 'maximum call stack size exceeded'. Next time you probably want to look for stuff like that.

Edit: you still need to find a solution for hiding the 'reset zoom' buttons after they're used.