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Ruby Question

Find number of missing numbers to complete consecutive array

I am trying to write a function that gives you the number of numbers need to complete a consecutive array. For example if we have the array [3,5,7] the function should return 2 (i.e. 4,6). I have come up with the code below but it gives me the following error? Any ideas why? Thanks!

def consecutive(*arr)

sorted = arr.sort
current_count = 0

sorted.each_index do |i|
next if i == sorted.length
difference = arr[i+1] - arr[i] - 1
current_count += difference


And this is the error:

undefined method `-' for nil:NilClass
(repl):9:in `block in Consecutive'
(repl):6:in `each_index'
(repl):6:in `Consecutive'
(repl):16:in `<main>'

Answer Source

If arr is your array, you can do this:

arr = [3,1,5,7,8]

f,l = arr.minmax
  #=> [1, 8] 
l-f+1 - arr.size
  #=> 3
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