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Padding doesn't affect <shape> in an XML Layout

I am trying to set padding in a

declared within an XML file/layout. But whatever I set, nothing changes related to padding. If I modify any other properties, I see the effects on the UI. But it doesn't work with padding. Could you please advise on the possible reasons for which this might occur?

Here is the XML Shape I am trying to style:

<shape xmlns:android=""
<stroke android:width="1dp" android:color="#ffffff"

<solid android:color="@color/button_white_cover" />

<corners android:radius="11dp" />

<padding android:left="1dp"
android:bottom="2dp" />

Answer Source

I have finally resolved my problem with padding.

So padding here will have no effect on the shape. Instead of this, you will have to apply padding in other drawable that will use it. So, I have a drawable that uses the shape and there I do following:

<layer-list xmlns:android="">
   <item android:drawable="@drawable/shape_below"/>
   <item android:top="10px" android:right="10px" android:drawable="@drawable/shape_cover"/>

So, as you can see in the second <item>-element I set padding (top and right). And after this everything works.


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