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iOS application update failed after app transfer with 'rejecting upgrade' error

I have my iOS app transferred from one apple account to another which causes team id change. Clean re-install works fine but every time I install an update I get the following error:

[MIInstallableBundle performVerificationWithError:]: 517: Upgrade's
application-identifier entitlement string ( does
not match installed application's application-identifier string
(; rejecting upgrade.

I found the solution to update Entitlements with the 'previous-application-identifiers' key and request new provisioning profile from Apple to be able to sign the app:

<string>{Your Old App ID Prefix}.YourApp.Bundle.ID</string>

Without that provisioning profile I get the following error during installation process:

Failed to verify code signature of MIExecutableBundle path = identifier = bundle_id type = 4 0xe8008016 (Entitlements found that are not permitted by provisioning profile)}

So I contacted Apple and requested the magical provision profile.

  • Did I found the right solution to be able to update the app?

  • Will Apple be able to help me and provide provision profile?

  • How long could it take Apple to generate and provide the profile?

Answer Source

Eventually we were able to get a clear response and help from Apple. It turned out that no magical profile will be provided and as instead Apple Support went to our apple developer portal and adjust AppId to have old TeamId prefix.

As a result we were able to regenerate new Provision Profile with old TeamId from our side and rebuild/resign the app. Everything continue to work as expected after that and we were able to update the app.

tip: we spent several weeks in communication over email with the apple support team and several guys from the support and "special tech team" were trying to help us. Turned out that the most efficient way is do a direct call to the Apple support (specify a case number) and solve the issue over the phone.

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