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Jquery bootstrap multiselect optgroup selection

I am using Jquery bootstrap multiselect plugin which seems pretty good and fulfill most of the requirements which i needed.

The only additional functionality i want is to add checkbox to OptGroup so if user wants to select complete group they can select all by clicking it.

any help appreciated.


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Try something like this:

$('.multiselect-group').before('<input type="checkbox" />');
$(document).on('click', '.multiselect-group', function(event) {
    var checkAll = true;
    var $opts = $(this).parent().nextUntil(':has(.multiselect-group)'); 
    var $inactive = $opts.filter(':not(.active)'); 
    var $toggleMe = $inactive;
    if ($inactive.length == 0) { 
        $toggleMe = $opts;
        checkAll = false;
    $(this).parent().find('input').attr('checked', checkAll);
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