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Javascript Question

jQuery html() does ignore element naming (lower and bigger case)

The .html() function from jQuery does turn my XML Code to lowercase.

Is there any other method so I can receive exactly the output which I am expecting?

html = $('pre').html();

Goal is to receive the following output:

<ok:List Title="HelloWorld"></ok>

What I receive:

<ok:list title="HelloWorld"></ok>

Complete Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
var html = $('pre').html();
<ok:List Title="HelloWorld"></ok>

I know that XML Standard is lowercase. However in my situation I can't change that xml part. So I need a solution so I can have even the wrong.xml displayed 'wrongly'.

Answer Source

Check out this fiddle.

It's not standard but if you put your XML into a textarea you can retrieve it via .val();

i.e. your HTML could look like:

<textarea id="my-xml">

Then in your javascript/jQuery:

var myxml = $('#my-xml').val(); //my will have case sensitive XML

Found here.

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