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How to display Text file on clicking button in html

hi i have four text files and i want to display it on browser using buttons i want to create four button when click on 1st button first text should open. Please help me out from this i'm new to html and Php.

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To do this you need to read about php file functions.

Refer this link -

Try below code:

<form action="" method="post">
    <button name="click" class="click">Click me!</button>

        $filename = "test.txt";
        $before_editing = file_get_contents($filename);

<!--this is for display in table-->
<table border="1"><tr><td><?php echo "Content of the file " . $filename . " before editing: " . $before_editing . "<br>"; ?></td></tr></table>
<!-- this is for display in single-->
        echo "Content of the file " . $filename . " before editing: " . $before_editing . "<br>";
        file_put_contents($filename, "test test test test test");
        $after_editing = file_get_contents($filename);
        echo "Content of the file " . $filename . " after editing: " . $after_editing . "<br>";

You can replace your file name to "test.txt" as i am just giving example to you.

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