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MySQL Question

Selecting column with opposite value of one given

I have two columns

. I want to do a select query that gives me the value in the column that does not contain the value I give.
For example:

column_a| column_b
5 | 10

If I were to
SELECT (something over here) FROM TABLE WHERE column_a = 10 OR column_b = 10;

The result should push out 5 (value in

Is this even possible?

Note: The value of 10 could be in either columns. So lets say if 10 was in
and 5 in
, the above query should still give me 5 but it would be retrieved from
instead of

Note 2: Both columns will never contain the same value.

Answer Source

In your contrived example, you could use a CASE statement to attempt to select the value from the two columns which does not match:

SELECT CASE WHEN column_a = 10 THEN column_b ELSE column_a END
FROM yourTable
WHERE column_a = 10 OR column_b = 10    -- this might be optional
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